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The online date calculator is used to determine the duration between two dates and it can add or subtract time from the given date.

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About Date Calculator

The date calculator is a free online tool that easily calculates durations between dates. It can also add or subtract years, months, weeks, or days to or from a specific date. Just input the data and get precise date results in an instant.

Date Calculator Online - Days Between Two Dates

Why Use Online Date Calculator?

Our date calculator can prove to be very beneficial for individuals and businesses.

  • Firstly, it provides a quick and efficient way to calculate the duration between two dates. So, it can be used for precise planning for projects, events, or personal milestones.
  • Additionally, it eliminates the need for manual calculations, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures accuracy in time management.
  • Plan and organize future milestones effortlessly, whether it is for personal or professional purposes.
  • Being online, this tool is available whenever and wherever you need it. Therefore, it provides flexibility in your time management endeavors.
  • Using this tool, you can also calculate how old am I today.

How to Add or Subtract Time from Date?

Let's take some examples.

Example 1:

Initial Date = November 9, 2021, Find out the date after 2 years, 5 months, 1 week, and 4 days.


  • November 9, 2021 + 2 years = November 9, 2023
  • November 9, 2023 + 5 months = April 9, 2024
  • April 9, 2024 + 1 week = April 16, 2024
  • April 16, 2024 + 4 days = April 20, 2024

So, the final date would be: April 20, 2024

Day on that date is: Saturday

Example 2:

Initial Date = January 2, 2019, Calculate the date before 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.


In this case, we will subtract time from a given date.

  • January 2, 2019 – 3 months = October 2, 2018
  • October 2, 2018 – 2 weeks = September 18, 2018
  • September 18, 2018 – 1 Day = September 17, 2018

So, the final date would be: September 17, 2018

Day on that date is: Monday

How to Find Duration Between Two Dates?

Let's take an example.


Suppose, the Start Date is September 23, 2021 and the End Date is December 12, 2022. Find the duration between given two dates.


So, when we place the above values in the calculator, we get 1 Year, 2 Months, and 18 Days.

In addition, we get:

  • Total Days = 445
  • Total Hours = 10680
  • and Total Seconds = 38448000

How to Use the Date Calculator?

There are dedicated tabs for two different calculations. If you want to add or subtract time from a particular date, choose the first tab and follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, fill in the date. Either you can enter the date manually or select it from the calendar. Also, you can fill in today's date by simply pressing the 'Today' button.
  2. Then choose whether to add or subtract from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter the time in the specified format in years, months, weeks, and days.
  4. After all these things are done, press the 'Calculate' button. The output or final date result will be displayed below.
  5. You can reset and start from the beginning by using the 'Reset' button.

If you want to find the duration between two dates, go for the second tab and follow the instructions below.

  1. Firstly, fill in the Start Date and End Date. Here also you get the functionality of calendar to choose the date. And use the 'Today' button if you want to select today's date.
  2. After filling the date, just press the "Calculate" button.
  3. Finally, your output will be displayed with different time formats. Such as, years, months, days, hours, and seconds.
  4. For new calculations, you can press the "Reset" button.